About the Visual Enneagram

Kelly and Áine teamed up for Áine's first Introduction to the Enneagram workshop. During the presentation, Kelly captured key ideas and descriptors of the nine types with both images and words — a process known as graphic recording.

They both noticed how being able to reference the visual representation of the concepts behind each type enriched the attendees conversation and helped them remember the characteristics of the types. Áine suggested they collaborate on putting the visuals into book form, and the Visual Enneagram was born!

Áine Ní Cheallaigh

Enneagram Coach & Author

Áine Ní Cheallaigh became a Type Four at the moment of her birth. A preemie, she waited in her lonely incubator for someone to come and see her for who she really was. Aine grew up in County Clare, Ireland surrounded by fun-loving drinkers who didn't understand her. She received a B.Sc. in computer science from Dublin City University. 

Shortly afterward she was rewarded for her creativity for the very first time when an essay she wrote won her an all-expenses paid trip to the United States. Dazzled by the self-discovery and endless therapy she glimpsed in this land of dreams, she decided to abandon her career and move to New York. She arrived with nothing but two suitcases and began a series of jobs as babysitter, math tutor, wild raptor feeder, and professional sufferer from mercury poisoning. 

In her latest iteration, she has reinvented herself as a seeker after spiritual knowledge and all-around Enneagram nerd.

Read Áine's blog at Infiniteandtransitory.com 

Kelly Kingman

Graphic Recorder & Facilitator

In typical Type Seven fashion, Kelly has always pursued a diverse array of interests. As an undergrad in Austin, Texas, she studied art, visual communication and writing, eventually transferring to Eugene Lang College in New York City where she completed a B.A. in something called "Arts in Context." 

Her preference for communicating both visually and verbally has taken her through careers in graphic design, as a photo editor for national publications and a sometime greeting-card designer. Luckily, she discovered graphic facilitation a few years ago, which is the practice of synthesizing ideas into combinations of hand-drawn words and images. 

Kelly lives in New York's Hudson Valley. You can find out more about her work at KingmanInk.com